Threds of Red 
Providing protection, Promoting dignity, Preserving life long learning...period. 
A Nonprofit Organization giving support and encouragement to girls around the globe!
Threds of Red  exists to educate and support girls as they transition into young women.  We provide health education and offer sustainable feminine hygiene management to at-risk populations world-wide.
Millions of impoverished  girls throughout the world face life with no access to safe feminine hygiene protection. In developing countries, girls may resort to unsanitary methods of protection including using banana leaves, bark, newspaper, ash and even cow dung. In many cases, they are sexually exploited out of desperation for supplies. 
Lack of adequate protection results in leakage, staining and odor. Without appropriate necessities, girls become subject to ridicule and bullying by their classmates, male peers and even teachers. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to dirty, soiled items and inappropriate hygiene practices  during menstruation can lead to serious infections. This leads to weakening the immune system and increasing vulnerability to additional health risks.
The United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF) reports one in ten schoolgirls in Africa miss class or drop out of school completely due to their period. Girls in puberty are typically absent 20% of the school year and commonly drop out around age 11 or 12 years old simply because they lack supplies. Commonly, girls are teased by their classmates, suffering further embarrassment, humiliation and isolation.
 But there's more.
When a young girl is not in school, she is vulnerable to the perils of sexual exploitation and abuse. Rape, sex trafficking, sexually transmitted disease, premature marriage and unintended pregnancy may result. These risks, combined with a lack of education, guarantee the continued cycle of poverty.

Talking openly about menstruation and recognizing the necessity for continued learning demands attention and intervention.  The magnitude of the problem is overwhelming. That is why our vision involves sharing the solution with partners who are touched by the impact on young women. 
We collaborate with  interested people, groups, and nonprofit organizations who would like to bring feminine hygiene management to their mission sites and promote continued learning. Education is a basic human desire. It is vital to a young woman's  dignity and drives development for healthy families, communities and nations. Consider bringing a feminine hygiene program to a young girl who deserves a future with hope, happiness and endless opportunity!
Hygiene Management

Reusable is practical and sustainable​

Research reveals the development of multiple NGO's (non-governmental organizations) that have programs for disposable feminine hygiene products, if there is funding available. However, when financial support ends, the girls lose their hygiene protection. Additionally, due to the lack of waste services, disposing of the used products becomes another issue. Disposable isn't practical.

Providing washable, reusable feminine hygiene products offers a simple, sustainable and effectual way to empower women and young girls. In addition to the hygiene kits, we provide the patterns for the products with instructions. The community now has the opportunity to recreate their own kits, eliminating dependence upon others for a lifetime of supply. Furthermore, we encourage the ladies to consider starting a business using the products as a commodity. 

The simple aspect of having feminine hygiene protection frees young women from vulnerability to be exploited. It allows her to continue her education. It empowers her to live daily with dignity regardless of what time of the month it may be. Subsequently,
when a girl is educated, she will more likely choose to have children at a later age, when her body is fully mature and delivery is safer. With an education, a healthy body and a happy family,  women are better equipped with valuable life skills that help her contribute productively to her community.