Threds of Red
Providing protection, Promoting dignity, and Preserving life-long learning...Period
Research reveals the development of multiple NGO's (non-governmental organizations) which do have programs for disposable feminine hygiene products, if there is funding available. However, when financial support ends, the girls lose their hygiene protection. Additionally, due to the lack of waste services, disposing of the used products becomes another issue. Disposable isn't practical.
​Providing washable, reusable feminine hygiene products offers a simple, sustainable and effectual way to empower women and young girls. In addition to the hygiene kits, we provide the patterns for the products with instructions. The community now has the opportunity to recreate their own kits, eliminating dependence upon others for a lifetime of supply. Furthermore, we encourage the ladies to consider starting a business using the products as a commodity. 

The simple aspect of having feminine hygiene protection frees a young woman from vulnerability and exploitation. It allows her to continue her education. It empowers her to live daily with dignity regardless of what time of the month it may be. Subsequently,
when a girl is educated, she will more likely choose to have children at a later age, when her body is fully mature and delivery is safer. With an education, a healthy body and a happy family,  she is better equipped with valuable life skills that help her contribute productively to her community.